Be Mine Valentine cake in a jar!


Valentine’s Day is coming! Another holiday full of love and chocolate, my favourites. So, I wanted to try something simple, sweet and fun using recipes i’m already familiar with, and that are easy.

I also wanted it to be portable, so I decided to bake the cake in mason jars. This is a great way to travel with cake, because you can ice it and seal it with a lid. Then take it where you need to go, serve it up and eat it straight out of the jar! It’s really fun to see people enjoy eating cake in a jar. Continue reading

Easter ideas: candy mason jar terrarium & unicorn poop cookies!

I am in love with Pinterest. Over the past few months, I have found myself scrolling through Pinterest more and more. You can see my pinboards here. I find so many amazing things on Pinterest, including food ideas, and recipes. I also love the home decor and organizing ideas I’ve found on there, and holiday decorating ideas, etc. There are a million other things on Pinterest, but of course my main passion is food inspiration.

As we get closer to Easter, I was looking for some fun food ideas and found these two that I wanted to share with you:

1) Easter candy terrariums! It’s as simple as it sounds, and all you need is a clean glass jar with a lid, easter figurines, candy, and something that looks like grass (I used shredded paper, but you could probably find something edible to pull off the same look). I found these cute chicken figures in a local drug store easter section, and seasonal Jelly Belly beans. I think they look pretty darn cute! Its a fun way to make a unique gift for something this Easter. Please share your ideas if you fill a jar this Easter for someone!


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Halloween is coming: sugar cookies are a fun way to decorate!

I love making sugar cookies. And after a rainy weekend in doors, it was time to start up the fall baking season.

This is simply a classic sugar cookie recipe, with classic royal icing. I made the dough yesterday and let it chill over night. I rolled them and baked them this morning and let them cool. Then I iced them tonight.

– keep the dough chilled when rolling, it helps keep your cut out shapes
– use thick royal icing for decorating, it doesn’t run and dries quicker
– I used lemon juice in the icing too so there is a bit of tang in the icing.

I didn’t even use all my dough, so I out it in the freezer for my next batch later this month.

What kind of fall baking are you up to?