#30 – Without a doubt, read SCOUT.

Scout Magazine: Gluttony Blog

Scout Magazine: Gluttony Blog

For my final blog or bust share #30, I am delighted to spread the word on Scout Magazine – for many, the site really needs no introduction….

Andrew Morrison is the master mind food-writer behind this site, along with several contributors, and his content has grown to cover more material now than just food. But the Gluttony blog section of his magazine is the bookmark of all restaurant-news-bookmarks to have in Vancouver. Through my journey over the past several months, I have heard about Andrew’s site on many occasions.  He is known for being in the know on Vancouver’s food scene; if it’s new in town, re-opening, or re-invented – Scout Magazine has it covered.

So, without a doubt, read Scout!

#29 – Be Inspired, Be Sweet On Veg

Sweet on Veg

Sweet on Veg

As I looked back on my list of blog or bust shares I realize I have yet to include the Vancouver-Vegetarians! So this share #29 goes out to my veggie-delight readers and anyone who loves a good garden salad – visit Sweet On Veg.

To be honest, looking for a vegetarian Vancouver based food blog wasn’t as easy to find as I thought. But when I found Sweet On Veg, it kinda of blew me away. Heavy on the photos, recipes, and inspirational phrases, Jennifer (blog-host) has done a great job channeling culinary-inspiration in her site. There really are some tasty looking recipes paired with fab-photos!

Check out her BLISS section in the navigation bar for inspirational quotes. I guarantee, if you spend just a few minutes on this site, you’ll leave feeling inspired to treat your body right and live a little bit healthier. What’s your favourite quote?

Do you know any other vegetarian blogs in Vancouver? Send my way! …Actually, uhh, wait, I just looked a little harder and found these two others also in Vancouver: Vegans Eat Pencil Shavings & The Vegan Project

#28 – A Day in the Life of a Vancouver Food Blogger


Photo credit: @Sherman38

“Wherever there is food I will go and eat it – I just think food is great wherever you find it.”

On Monday Sherman will celebrate two years of food blogging in Vancouver. A Teacher by day who never thought he’d have time to blog, soon found himself blogging daily and capturing a hearty audience with Sherman’s Food Adventures.  He now sits atop the UrbanSpoonVancouver Blog Leader Board. His then to now story is a humble one all the way, as I learned when we met recently.

Do you blog full time? No, it’s just my hobby still.

How did it start? We would go out and eat after [hockey] and I would Tweet or Facebook that I’m at this restaurant.  Then people would say, ‘hey Sherman, why don’t you tell us more about the food you’re eating?” But I wasn’t really into it. I just liked eating and taking pictures. One teammate continued to bug me about it, saying you like it, so you should write about it. I said, I’m busy I have a full time job, a family, there is no way I can do this. People kept pestering me, then, I signed up for an account. I wrote one post… The writing was simple… I posted it up, and a few more posts. Then, finally I got my first comment!

Were you promoting your blog? No …I thought, someone is reading this other than my friends? Like Julie & Julia. Then I’d write some more, and I started carrying a better camera around. I don’t know when it happened, but it became that I wanted to do it, I wanted to do it better, and so I did.

Which of your posts generate the most activity? The posts that I get the most hits on are for La Charcuterie, it’s just this sandwich shop in Port Kells [Surrey] with this sandwich guy called the Sandwich Nazi who berates his customers. The sandwiches are ok, they are good value; I guess people want to experience ‘the Sandwich Nazi’. Other than that, a lot of trendy restaurants from tourists and people looking for the hot spots in town.

Do you follow other bloggers? You have to, because no one person can follow everything. I guess that’s why people read blogs in general, because I want new ideas to eat out too. I can’t drive around and try everything. I’ll read other blogs and if it looks good I’ll check it out…to confirm it, or dispel if it is bad. I’ve met a lot of other bloggers too…we are sort of like a little community.

Describe an average blogging day? I generally blog about every meal. Blogging used to be a lot busier, but now I’ve built up a bank of posts…  Before work was busy, I would intentionally go out to eat after work and meet up with some other bloggers. Go home. Download photos. Post-process them. Maybe write the article, maybe not, if I’m tired, I won’t. Refer to my notes… Sometimes, I wouldn’t be done until 2am.

[On posting schedules] Some of them I post right away, strike the coal while it’s hot. Like some of these new food carts, people want to know about them. If I leave it to two months later it will be old. So I post it right away.

Have you tried many of the food carts? Yes I have been to a few of them. The best one I’ve been to is Re-Up BBQ: it’s a pulled pork sandwich. It’s right near the art gallery. For what it’s worth, it’s really good. Obviously someone from down south might think otherwise, but we are in Vancouver….  It’s good, it’s $6 and it’s filling.

Are most of your adventures in Vancouver? Mostly Vancouver, I traveled a lot prior to blogging – I wish I started [blogging] earlier. …But I do blog about restaurants when I’m out of town. Recently I came back from Portland in August, there are some really good restaurants down there, it is very eclectic.

What did you like in Portland? I went to a place that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: Pine State Biscuits. They just make biscuits. There is one called the Reggie, it is a biscuit, a piece of fried chicken, bacon, cheddar, and option of a fried egg with country gravy. It puts the double down to shame. But it’s delicious. You can’t get that here.

Pine State Biscuits: The Reggie

Pine State Biscuits: The Reggie

Do you cover a diverse range when eating out? I like anything. From the dives to the best restaurant in town. To Langley, to downtown, to the North Shore, to Abbotsford. Wherever there is food I will go and eat it – I just think food is great wherever you find it.

We wrapped up talking about an industry event we both had recently attended. We agreed how it is nice to meet the people (i.e. chefs) behind the scenes, he added, “You know what is surprising about Vancouver: you walk into Bishop’s and John Bishop greets you, you walk into Vij’s and Vikram Vij greets you, you walk into Cioppino’s and Pino is cooking in the kitchen. You don’t get a lot of that in some of the other cities…  Every time I’ve been to these restaurants, they are there; and that provides a personal touch that they really do care about their business and are there for their customers.”

Sherman is a genuine foodie through and through! A delight to talk to, and is well known in the food blogging community. He’s even joining some fellow bloggers at a food blog convention in San Francisco soon. I kind of wish I was going too…

Sherman's Food Adventures

Blog or Bust Share #28: Sherman's Food Adventures

#27 – The Slow Food Movement

Did you know there is a Slow Food International Movement happening in the world (including over 150 countries apparently)?  And we have a local site + blog that is part of the movement called Slow Food Vancouver (my blog or bust share #27).  After reading through the sites, it all makes perfect sense to me… read on and you likely will agree…

For starters, many of you are likely reading this while multi-tasking, with several windows open at work or at home; on a break from work; or even reading via Twitter or Facebook mobile applications… You’re on the go – in a fast-paced lifestyle – naturally, fast/convenient food fits into your regime the easiest.

But fast doesn’t always mean healthy and the Slow Food Movement is about eating they way we were made to. Read more about their philosophy here, and for you history buffs out there: here is the manifesto written in 1989 that started it all.

Now, zoom into Vancouver’s food scene, and follow the local slow food movement happening here. The Vancouver Slow Food team’s signature is their Slow Food Summer Cycle Tours and other events including:

Tastings:  Events this year include a Coffee Tasting; Cheesemaking; and  Red Fife Wheat baking.  Terra Madre Food Community Events:  Themes include First Nations and Wild Crops.”

This is an organization worth supporting and following. You might even feel like you don’t have time to read everything I’ve just linked you to, but the short of it is that you should know where your food comes from and support local food chain suppliers. For those who watched Food Inc. or SuperSizeMe, you might adhere to the slow food movement more quickly…

Slow Food Vancouver helps support local farmers and encourages local eating. Their site includes a ton of information and interesting articles, like this one on Taste Education for children – it starts from the beginning folks: teach kids how to taste.

Slow Food Vancouver

Slow Food Vancouver

#26 – Gluten Free in Vancouver…

Gluten free diets, are in short, eating flour free, but it is more complex than that as I understand it.  Some people may think its a food-trend that these products and diet regimes are increasing in numbers but many people actually have to live this way out of necessity (and some by choice).

The wannabe-Italian in me is forever grateful that I have no such food allergies (to date) and can basically eat what I want.  If I had to give up pasta, or cereal or cookies or cakes, I have no idea what I would do – again, I’m grateful that I live allergy free.  But if I ever come to a day where gluten must be cut from my diet, then I’d probably start with some blogs online for inspiration (and support) – like this one….

My Blog or Bust Share #25 is Gluten Free Vancouver – in support of my food-challenged friends and readers. This local gluten-free lifestyle blog is handy resource! Hosted by Andrea and Robyn – two sisters that have been living gluten free in Vancouver since 2005. They share their adventures, challenges, and gluten free discoveries in their blog.

The sisters have organized their site with smart sections including eat, dine, drink, or shop gluten free. After poking around on the site, they have really done a great job sharing restaurants and retailers (even IKEA!) that offer gluten free products in Vancouver.  You can also follow Andrea + Robyn on Twitter @gfvancouver

If you know someone who lives Gluten-Free in Vancouver, pass along this blog to them.

Gluten Free in Vancouver

Gluten Free in Vancouver

#25 – Victoria’s Food Secrets

Victoria’s Secrets have taken on a new form in Vancouver, with foodie twist!  Victoria has hit the spot with her food blog readers by providing delicious photography of local dining experiences and even includes a handy restaurant pricing guide. …Not many food bloggers offer a pricing guide, that I have seen anyway.

Blog or bust share #25 is Victoria’s Food Secrets. With a feminine touch to her blog look, and including fun sections like, Top Secrets, Restaurant Reviews, and Events, she’s covered fair ground in Vancouver, Whistler, and includes some travel too. Her about page is smart too, by including some fun frequently asked questions, like what is in her fridge, what food she doesn’t like, and what would be her last supper…

What would be your last supper?  …Do I have to pick only one?!

You can find Victoria on Twitter too @victoriachemko!

Victoria's Food Secrets

Victoria's Food Secrets

#24 – Vancouver Breakfast Lover’s Bookmark this Baby!

I love breakfast. Yes I do, and just in case you read that too quickly for my own comfort, I repeat: I love breakfast.

It does not get much better than enjoying a hot breakfast on a cold rainy day, with some quality coffee or hot tea – as you choose – and feeling energized to start your day. From cold cereals, to hot cereals; to yogurt and fruit combos; or cream of wheat (a childhood favourite of mine); to pancakes, or waffles with whipped cream; or eggs, country potatoes and grilled sausages; french toast and fruit salad; breakfast burritos; omelettes or frittatas; I could easily go on…  But in the interest of time, I’ll leave you to finish the breakfast-brainstorm to suit your personal cravings.

As I close in on the final days of my blog or bust challenge, I realized I have yet to share a blog that focuses purely on one meal, for example, ummm, breakfast!?

ATTENTION Vancouver foodies and fellow brunch lovers, unite here, and bookmark this blog: Breakfast in Vancouver. Blogging about weekend breakfast adventures since June of 2007, this blog covers it all and archives (with a map too) so you can reference anytime you want to find a new brunch around town.

I am quite excited to share this blog with you because it just makes me smile. Breakfast in Vancouver even includes one of my personal favourites in Whistler, The WildWood Bistro, proving to me that this breakfast blog is of sound quality!

Whoever you are, that created this magnificent blog, Beyond the Dough thanks you!

Breakfast in Vancouver

Breakfast in Vancouver

#23 – Food and Tell

Food and Tell

Food and Tell

This blog name is possibly the most appropriate I’ve see yet: FoodAndTell because this blog is heavy on the photos – punned like the familiar phrase, show and tell!  Smart foodie!

With so many photos, this is a great local blog to browse if you just want to see food images and enjoy light descriptors.

Vancouver based, Food And Tell is archived well with links, categories, archives and popular tags. The blog covers eating and cooking in Vancouver, and local places to check out. Once again, a familiar pattern with blog or bust shares, this food blogger is on Twitter too: @foodandtell

#22 – Wet Cappuccino anyone?

This niche blog is one to savour, they are an encyclopedia of coffee bean knowledge. Their terminology section helps answers questions like, “what is a wet cappuccino”? (in case you didn’t know already).

The Vancouver Indy Coffee Scene blog reviews cafes around Vancouver and is in the know on every cup of joe…

For my blog or bust share #22 visit CoffeeVancouver.ca aka The Vancouver Indy Coffee Scene.  With three contributors, they cover all things coffee around Vancouver including cafe reviews, coffee tours, events, coffee news,
and general updates on the local indy coffee scene.



They also include a feature that is quite handy and fun – an interactive map of all cafes they have reviewed.  Cafe Cool!

CoffeeVancouver's interactive map

CoffeeVancouver's interactive map

#21 – Vancouver Slop

Slop can be defined in a few ways, according to my computer’s dictionary, including “to speak or write in a sentimentally effusive manner or gush”. And I think this particular food blog selected their name very appropriately!

Hosted by three guys who each bring a great sense of humour to the blog: meet Gyromite (founder), O-toro, and Joe here. You can follow them on twitter as well: @VancouverSlop.  They are a comical team of bloggers that share a raw view of food in Vancouver through their site, VancouverSlop. With a catchy name, entertaining content including videos,  fun photos, and an organized catalog of restaurant reviews from around town, VancouverSlop is a blog to bookmark!