#27 – The Slow Food Movement

Did you know there is a Slow Food International Movement happening in the world (including over 150 countries apparently)?  And we have a local site + blog that is part of the movement called Slow Food Vancouver (my blog or bust share #27).  After reading through the sites, it all makes perfect sense to me… read on and you likely will agree…

For starters, many of you are likely reading this while multi-tasking, with several windows open at work or at home; on a break from work; or even reading via Twitter or Facebook mobile applications… You’re on the go – in a fast-paced lifestyle – naturally, fast/convenient food fits into your regime the easiest.

But fast doesn’t always mean healthy and the Slow Food Movement is about eating they way we were made to. Read more about their philosophy here, and for you history buffs out there: here is the manifesto written in 1989 that started it all.

Now, zoom into Vancouver’s food scene, and follow the local slow food movement happening here. The Vancouver Slow Food team’s signature is their Slow Food Summer Cycle Tours and other events including:

Tastings:  Events this year include a Coffee Tasting; Cheesemaking; and  Red Fife Wheat baking.  Terra Madre Food Community Events:  Themes include First Nations and Wild Crops.”

This is an organization worth supporting and following. You might even feel like you don’t have time to read everything I’ve just linked you to, but the short of it is that you should know where your food comes from and support local food chain suppliers. For those who watched Food Inc. or SuperSizeMe, you might adhere to the slow food movement more quickly…

Slow Food Vancouver helps support local farmers and encourages local eating. Their site includes a ton of information and interesting articles, like this one on Taste Education for children – it starts from the beginning folks: teach kids how to taste.

Slow Food Vancouver

Slow Food Vancouver

2 thoughts on “#27 – The Slow Food Movement

  1. Amanda says:

    Love this one! Slow Food Movement has definitely changed the way that we’ve looked at food (and where it came from). It hit mainstream popularity here in Vancouver in around 2007.

    You can’t mention the Slow Food Cycles without giving credit to the original Slow Food Cycle in Pemberton, http://www.slowfoodcyclesunday.com/ , this was popular for years (started in 2005) and then Agassiz started doing their own. The Pemberton one is incredible….literally thousands of bikers on one day! (My family lives a few km up the route so we always get a head start 😉 You should try to check it out next summer!

  2. Jeanette says:

    Oh wow! It started in Pemberton…. awesome 🙂
    I will definitely check it out next summer – that would be so fun. You know, I have never been to Pemberton!!!! I will soon….

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