#30 – Without a doubt, read SCOUT.

Scout Magazine: Gluttony Blog

Scout Magazine: Gluttony Blog

For my final blog or bust share #30, I am delighted to spread the word on Scout Magazine – for many, the site really needs no introduction….

Andrew Morrison is the master mind food-writer behind this site, along with several contributors, and his content has grown to cover more material now than just food. But the Gluttony blog section of his magazine is the bookmark of all restaurant-news-bookmarks to have in Vancouver. Through my journey over the past several months, I have heard about Andrew’s site on many occasions.  He is known for being in the know on Vancouver’s food scene; if it’s new in town, re-opening, or re-invented – Scout Magazine has it covered.

So, without a doubt, read Scout!

3 thoughts on “#30 – Without a doubt, read SCOUT.

  1. KimHo says:

    I am not afraid to say this: Scout Magazine is narrow in scope. From a restaurant perspective, they only cover “popular” areas and/or restaurant types. Outside of the area? I haven’t seen much if any… And there are a lot of gems out there if you dare to explore.

    • Jeanette says:

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion 🙂 Some may say that a niche blog is narrow in scope too, but it still exists…. and that is why reading a variety of content is always good. I hear you though, and it is a fair point.

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