#29 – Be Inspired, Be Sweet On Veg

Sweet on Veg

Sweet on Veg

As I looked back on my list of blog or bust shares I realize I have yet to include the Vancouver-Vegetarians! So this share #29 goes out to my veggie-delight readers and anyone who loves a good garden salad – visit Sweet On Veg.

To be honest, looking for a vegetarian Vancouver based food blog wasn’t as easy to find as I thought. But when I found Sweet On Veg, it kinda of blew me away. Heavy on the photos, recipes, and inspirational phrases, Jennifer (blog-host) has done a great job channeling culinary-inspiration in her site. There really are some tasty looking recipes paired with fab-photos!

Check out her BLISS section in the navigation bar for inspirational quotes. I guarantee, if you spend just a few minutes on this site, you’ll leave feeling inspired to treat your body right and live a little bit healthier. What’s your favourite quote?

Do you know any other vegetarian blogs in Vancouver? Send my way! …Actually, uhh, wait, I just looked a little harder and found these two others also in Vancouver: Vegans Eat Pencil Shavings & The Vegan Project

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