#22 – Wet Cappuccino anyone?

This niche blog is one to savour, they are an encyclopedia of coffee bean knowledge. Their terminology section helps answers questions like, “what is a wet cappuccino”? (in case you didn’t know already).

The Vancouver Indy Coffee Scene blog reviews cafes around Vancouver and is in the know on every cup of joe…

For my blog or bust share #22 visit CoffeeVancouver.ca aka The Vancouver Indy Coffee Scene.  With three contributors, they cover all things coffee around Vancouver including cafe reviews, coffee tours, events, coffee news,
and general updates on the local indy coffee scene.



They also include a feature that is quite handy and fun – an interactive map of all cafes they have reviewed.  Cafe Cool!

CoffeeVancouver's interactive map

CoffeeVancouver's interactive map

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