October 2010: Beyond the Dough Blog or Bust!

Any blogger out there will tell you that blogging is time consuming! Stories take time to plan if you have quality content and short web articles are not as easy to write as they look.  While I haven’t been able to post daily with my blog, I think about it EVERYDAY and I tweet (@beyondthedough) when I can.

On that challenging note, I’m setting myself up for a blogging challenge: A Blog or Bust campaign – 30 days / 30 blogs!

I am going to share 30 Vancouver based food blogs to you over the next 30 days.

Over the past few months, I have come across many other blogs, some international some domestic and some local. There are 1000s out there. And just like Vancouver’s food scene – we have some great bloggers too: I am merely a needle in the haystack really (and I love you for following me).

This challenge will add more value to your local dining experience, and I hope it will continue to encourage local tourism too.

Here we go folks, my first blog challenge: stay tuned for 30 more sites… Do you think I can do it?!

4 thoughts on “October 2010: Beyond the Dough Blog or Bust!

    • Jeanette says:

      Yes – well I hope to discover more as time passes… Like your site for example! Another sweet find! I plan to choose a random selection, but I bet there are dozens more than 30 in Vancouver! Thanks for following CasualBaker!

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