#3 – Vancouver Eating

Well after a rough day yesterday, of recovering my hard drive (post-crash), I have to say day three of blog or bust challenge was on the verge of a prompt end all too quickly!  Fortunately Apple Geniuses are in fact Geniuses! My macbook was saved along with my important files; and now I can forge on confidently with day 3 of 30 blogs.

That said, today’s blog #3 is very short and sweet.  I chose VancouverEating.com simply because I like the name: Vancouver Eating.  Straight to the point – its about eating in our favourite city!

The blogger, Josiah Tam, includes reviews of restaurants and great photography as he also is a photographer (his profile links to a second blog, about photography as well).  Since eating is half visual, great blog photography makes for a quality food blog…

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