#5 – Life Bites & Where is Julie Powell now?

This blog or bust post is brought to you from a West End sushi shop called Daija, on Denman between Robson and Haro. The staff have been refilling my green tea for the last hour and kindly allowed me to, ‘stay as long as I like’ following a late lunch.

My favourite time of year is here now, sunny looking crisp air on the verge of winter once again.  Looking through the restaurant window, it is simply sunny and warm outside, then the door opens and I feel the cold air hit me as it rolls along the floor.  It’s quiet in here right now, busy outside, and I feel like I am tucked away while I share my next blog or bust post.

During a meeting earlier today with a fellow foodie, I learned about another Vancouver based food blog that is very new, just over two months old! This Blog or Bust share is Life Bites – an infant food blog headed in the right direction with her local food adventures! On first glance, the blog reminds me of the Julie & Julia blog in a way, with a courier font look over a crisp mint green back drop. Complete with simple photos and fun articles of food adventures in Vancouver.

If you’re curious about where Julie Powell is now, after the popular book to movie – Julie & Julia – she has a new site called Julie Powell Books.  I loved the movie and the book and the blog, and well, I can’t deny, Julie Powell may have been a contributing inspiration to Beyond The Dough…

Julie & Julia movie

Julie & Julia movie

2 thoughts on “#5 – Life Bites & Where is Julie Powell now?

    • Jeanette says:

      Oh thank you! Yes, I’ve been following both those as well, twitter is great for that too. I’ll have to check out Gillian Young though, thats a new one to me. Happy to spread the foodie love – Vancouver has alot to offer… And there is a foodie to follow out there for everyone 🙂

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