Busy times: mini post on weeks 10 and 11!

This is a mini post to say last week and this week have been long weeks: between working in the heat and full uniform and working with chocolate and sugar, it’s been HOT. Like, boil sugar up to 350F hot…. Tempering chocolate was a daily exercise and a crash and burn, from the chocolate sampling (we may have even been a little cranky at times). Chocolate is not easy, when it fails it sucks and when it works it’s rewarding. Despite the challenges, I’d do it all again in a heart beat – especially chocolate 🙂

We wrapped up chocolate last week and have been working with sugar in all shapes and forms this week.

Tomorrow we begin alternative baking and I am giving a presentation on this topic to my class. I’ll update you all in my next post on weeks 10 & 11 with more photos and behind the scenes kitchen stuff! Oh yes, and we have begun stages (stah-ges) (one-day observations in kitchens) which make my weeks 6-day weeks now so if you’re itching for an update please bare with me!

Side note: there are not many weeks left in the program, hard to believe. We wrap up and graduate in week 15.

Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

Here are a few photos from this week and last week:







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