Cake, cakes, and more cake! I love cake.

Over the last month I have been doing a fair bit of baking and not sharing photos of my creations on here! I bake and post photos regularly on my Instagram account, so now I’m going to share a photo story with you of my recent creations. Let me know what cakes strike your fancy!

Before I get into the photos I would like to answer a question for you. I am frequently asked, “what is your favourite thing to bake/make?” And most of the time I say that like to bake everything, which is true, but ive come to learn I love cake the most. Because cake, above all other desserts, implies a celebration is in order! Whatever the occasion, cake will make it better. Here is one of my favourite quotes about cake:

I love decorating cakes and researching ideas of all kinds. You can often find me on Pinterest looking up the most random cake ideas and creations to inspire me. Obsessed might be a definition that comes to mind. I’m okay with that #cakeobsession.

Without further ado, let’s get to my cakes:

Jamaican Ginger Cake, with candied ginger on top and cream cheese frosting. A recipe I found from the UK.

The ginger cake came from this book, which is one of many books that I own about cake. It’s my current favourite cookbook. It happens to be nearly pocket sized too, which only adds to its adorableness.

I always wanted to make a circus cake! This puppy is pure red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting through and through. No fondant. I sculpted the top so it peaked like a circus tent. The cake was for a fun birthday party theme: a Murder Mystery at the Circus!

When I don’t have a cake to bake, I bake banana bread (sometimes), cause it’s like cake. To help it last a bit longer, I sliced it up and freeze it. So I can enjoy a fresh slice each day I want to. PS. Banana bread is amazing when toasted… It helps to caramelized the bananas. Ya, I know, what have you been missing?!

For a house warming event, I made this London Fog cake: early grey milk chocolate ganache layered between vanilla butter cake, early grey syrup, and frosted with honey buttercream!

Strawberry vanilla cake, for a little girl’s birthday. Marbled chocolate on top for garnish, vanilla cake inside and strawberry pink frosting.

Stay tuned for more cakes too… 

If you ever have any questions about recipes you’re making or other baking questions, please send me an email. My email is listed on my contact info page. Happy to help!  

And if you need cake for an upcoming special occasion, I would love to help there too. Just shoot me an email for a quote.

Happy celebrating!

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