#28 – A Day in the Life of a Vancouver Food Blogger


Photo credit: @Sherman38

“Wherever there is food I will go and eat it – I just think food is great wherever you find it.”

On Monday Sherman will celebrate two years of food blogging in Vancouver. A Teacher by day who never thought he’d have time to blog, soon found himself blogging daily and capturing a hearty audience with Sherman’s Food Adventures.  He now sits atop the UrbanSpoonVancouver Blog Leader Board. His then to now story is a humble one all the way, as I learned when we met recently.

Do you blog full time? No, it’s just my hobby still.

How did it start? We would go out and eat after [hockey] and I would Tweet or Facebook that I’m at this restaurant.  Then people would say, ‘hey Sherman, why don’t you tell us more about the food you’re eating?” But I wasn’t really into it. I just liked eating and taking pictures. One teammate continued to bug me about it, saying you like it, so you should write about it. I said, I’m busy I have a full time job, a family, there is no way I can do this. People kept pestering me, then, I signed up for an account. I wrote one post… The writing was simple… I posted it up, and a few more posts. Then, finally I got my first comment!

Were you promoting your blog? No …I thought, someone is reading this other than my friends? Like Julie & Julia. Then I’d write some more, and I started carrying a better camera around. I don’t know when it happened, but it became that I wanted to do it, I wanted to do it better, and so I did.

Which of your posts generate the most activity? The posts that I get the most hits on are for La Charcuterie, it’s just this sandwich shop in Port Kells [Surrey] with this sandwich guy called the Sandwich Nazi who berates his customers. The sandwiches are ok, they are good value; I guess people want to experience ‘the Sandwich Nazi’. Other than that, a lot of trendy restaurants from tourists and people looking for the hot spots in town.

Do you follow other bloggers? You have to, because no one person can follow everything. I guess that’s why people read blogs in general, because I want new ideas to eat out too. I can’t drive around and try everything. I’ll read other blogs and if it looks good I’ll check it out…to confirm it, or dispel if it is bad. I’ve met a lot of other bloggers too…we are sort of like a little community.

Describe an average blogging day? I generally blog about every meal. Blogging used to be a lot busier, but now I’ve built up a bank of posts…  Before work was busy, I would intentionally go out to eat after work and meet up with some other bloggers. Go home. Download photos. Post-process them. Maybe write the article, maybe not, if I’m tired, I won’t. Refer to my notes… Sometimes, I wouldn’t be done until 2am.

[On posting schedules] Some of them I post right away, strike the coal while it’s hot. Like some of these new food carts, people want to know about them. If I leave it to two months later it will be old. So I post it right away.

Have you tried many of the food carts? Yes I have been to a few of them. The best one I’ve been to is Re-Up BBQ: it’s a pulled pork sandwich. It’s right near the art gallery. For what it’s worth, it’s really good. Obviously someone from down south might think otherwise, but we are in Vancouver….  It’s good, it’s $6 and it’s filling.

Are most of your adventures in Vancouver? Mostly Vancouver, I traveled a lot prior to blogging – I wish I started [blogging] earlier. …But I do blog about restaurants when I’m out of town. Recently I came back from Portland in August, there are some really good restaurants down there, it is very eclectic.

What did you like in Portland? I went to a place that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: Pine State Biscuits. They just make biscuits. There is one called the Reggie, it is a biscuit, a piece of fried chicken, bacon, cheddar, and option of a fried egg with country gravy. It puts the double down to shame. But it’s delicious. You can’t get that here.

Pine State Biscuits: The Reggie

Pine State Biscuits: The Reggie

Do you cover a diverse range when eating out? I like anything. From the dives to the best restaurant in town. To Langley, to downtown, to the North Shore, to Abbotsford. Wherever there is food I will go and eat it – I just think food is great wherever you find it.

We wrapped up talking about an industry event we both had recently attended. We agreed how it is nice to meet the people (i.e. chefs) behind the scenes, he added, “You know what is surprising about Vancouver: you walk into Bishop’s and John Bishop greets you, you walk into Vij’s and Vikram Vij greets you, you walk into Cioppino’s and Pino is cooking in the kitchen. You don’t get a lot of that in some of the other cities…  Every time I’ve been to these restaurants, they are there; and that provides a personal touch that they really do care about their business and are there for their customers.”

Sherman is a genuine foodie through and through! A delight to talk to, and is well known in the food blogging community. He’s even joining some fellow bloggers at a food blog convention in San Francisco soon. I kind of wish I was going too…

Sherman's Food Adventures

Blog or Bust Share #28: Sherman's Food Adventures

#19 – Foodosophy



Foodosophy is a diverse food blog that includes content from all over the world, as their eight contributors travel and share their food experiences.  They have many posts from all over, but their most heavily covered city is ours – Vancouver.

I like the title of this blog, yet another pun (love it!), and then their tag line, “Eat, Sleep… Dream… Food”.  I could not relate more to that mantra!

For my Blog or Bust #19 share, check out Foodosophy.  See where they have traveled – its an extensive list!

#13 – It’s all in the name: more fun Vancouver foodies

Tonight is another short post about food blog titles – that I simply love. Each are  more great local writers and fun follows!

I’m Only Here For The Food – A great Vancouver food blog a local, that reviews a variety of local restaurants. The author shares they does not have a formal culinary background, through the about page, but has an adventurous food philosophy to live by, “taught to appreciate food and [have] willingness to try almost anything.” I think the content of this blog reflects this policy! Well done!


I'm Only Here For the Food - food blog

I'm Only Here For the Food - food blog


Vancouver Street Eats – Another great name for a food blog in Vancouver, especially with the recent addition of more food vendors and ‘street eats’ following the Games earlier this year.  Lots of fun pics of food carts on the street downtown in Vancouver, reviewing them all as new additions to the food scene in Vancouver.  This blog is also a relatively new one, established this year. This blog is extra cool because it includes videos and maps of the exact location of the street eats! A FUN FOODIE FOLLOW!


Vancouver Street Eats

Vancouver Street Eats - food blog


A deLIGHTful career with Tracey Kusiewicz


Credit: Foodie Photography, photographer Tracey Kusiewicz.

Have you ever been served food that looked so good you almost couldn’t eat it? Maybe you took a photo and then devoured it? I admit, I have. There is a scrumptious career out there dedicated to capturing those drool factor moments called food photography. Until I met with one of Vancouver’s prominent food photographers, Tracey Kusiewicz, I had no idea what this world entailed.

After more than 10 years of work in Vancouver, you have likely seen Tracey’s work a few times in local papers, restaurants or cookbooks. Trained in Montreal, specialized in food & beverage, Tracey said, “I always knew that was what I wanted to do”.

In her south main studio, I joined Tracey for a small taste in the life of Foodie Photography. The radio played as I entered her studio, that is literally a kitchen with an open workspace attached, like a small dance floor.  The windows are ceiling high, and let in as much or as little light needed. It’s the end of a full day, Tracey was wrapping up and loading her dishwasher as I found a seat, and my mind reeled with only a million questions…

What do you enjoy photographing most? Dessert (said instantly, I agreed).

What are some of your work highlights? The most interesting things that occur are learning about new cuisines. I’ve done a number of East Indian cookbooks and learning about foods I’m not necessarily familiar with… and learning more by doing cookbooks is really interesting.

What restaurants do you like now? I went to CornerSuite recently, which was nice to shoot.

What inspires you about your work? That it’s different all the time. That there is variety and you’re not stuck at a desk, even though I am quite often [with post-production work]. But its not in a typical office way. I get up really early and my office is in my home. Or I am here [at the studio] or on set somewhere. There is good variety, so you are not doing the same thing everyday.

What’s challenging about your job? It’s feast or famine. There are lulls and then you get crazy busy and you have to split yourself in 10 different ways.

What are you known for? What I think I’m respected for, I have a value added type of service. I do the food photography, some food styling and a lot of prop styling – mould that all together and I developed a style of my own. Clients like that.

Who do you follow in the industry? Its good to look at your competition but you have to be careful that you don’t shoot the same way they do. Images are very influential, and you may not realize it when you look at things you tend to emulate what people do when you like it. I respect my peers. I like what they do but I try not to look at it because I don’t want to subconsciously replicate what they’ve done.

Donna Hay is a food stylist. She is such an icon in the industry, she is Australian, and she has a whole series of cookbooks. She is always very current, and very trend setting with looks.

As I started to wrap up, we began to talk about what’s next. Tracey enjoys commercial photography and it is the staple of her client base.  But she continued, “In 10-15 years… I’d like to take a more artistic approach. I’m almost reserving that side of me now. I am being artistic and creative, but I’m not taking full control because I have to satisfy my clients too.”

Foodie Photography post card

Tracey's award winning photography in applied arts, a spoonful of saffron, taken with a special lens.

She crossed the room to find a post card for me, with an artistically photographed spoon of saffron, “I did win an award with applied arts [for this]. …I just did it for self promotion, self fulfillment, to feed my creative soul.”  Her tone changed as she talked about the photo, it was genuine inspiration and calm. She is an artist through and through. I felt inspired myself. I’m going to display the photo in my kitchen, right next to the spice rack…