#13 – It’s all in the name: more fun Vancouver foodies

Tonight is another short post about food blog titles – that I simply love. Each are  more great local writers and fun follows!

I’m Only Here For The Food – A great Vancouver food blog a local, that reviews a variety of local restaurants. The author shares they does not have a formal culinary background, through the about page, but has an adventurous food philosophy to live by, “taught to appreciate food and [have] willingness to try almost anything.” I think the content of this blog reflects this policy! Well done!


I'm Only Here For the Food - food blog

I'm Only Here For the Food - food blog


Vancouver Street Eats – Another great name for a food blog in Vancouver, especially with the recent addition of more food vendors and ‘street eats’ following the Games earlier this year.  Lots of fun pics of food carts on the street downtown in Vancouver, reviewing them all as new additions to the food scene in Vancouver.  This blog is also a relatively new one, established this year. This blog is extra cool because it includes videos and maps of the exact location of the street eats! A FUN FOODIE FOLLOW!


Vancouver Street Eats

Vancouver Street Eats - food blog


6 thoughts on “#13 – It’s all in the name: more fun Vancouver foodies

  1. KimHo says:

    Thanks a lot for the shoutout, Jeanette! I don’t blog for the glory or recognition; however, I do appreciate when feedback like yours is provided. It gives me incentive on continuing blogging!

    • Jeanette says:

      I am glad you are inspired to continue blogging; as you know, Vancouver has a lot of great food to offer – and I believe local food bloggers help perpetuate it… Thank YOU!

  2. James says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    Where to start a food cart adventure in Vancouver? Good question. It really depends what you’re into and where you are at. For me, the first visit to a vendor is the funnest part, catching some of them when they’re open is the thrill of the hunt.

    Where ever you end up trying 1st, it becomes a culinary scavenger hunt (at least for me). Meeting the people behind these mobile kitchens and having your food prepared for you on the street is an experience into itself.

    Me personally, I’m on the hunt to sample the Specialty Noodle place at 49th and Cambie. People have seen it, but I have yet to find it when I’ve been by. The hunt is on, noodles will be mine!

    • Jeanette says:

      Awesome!!! I like that, a culinary scavenger hunt – great name! There clearly are so many to try. I look forward to hearing how the Specialty Noodle place is… I love your blog focus – it is a great resource for other culinary scavenger hunters 🙂

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