#15 – Vancouver’s SUSHI +700!

Did you know that there are over 700 Japanese restaurants in Metro Vancouver, according to Dinehere.ca; and of those over 500 are categorized as Sushi restaurants.  And that was one simple query search… I bet there are more!

Vancouver is well known for it’s diverse food scene and Japanese is simply one ethnic variety.  Japanese I chose at random, but wanted to use it as an example of the more niche-styled food blogs. Today’s blog or bust post is a blog that has quite a few Japanese tags within their posts that I can see – and includes photos and stories etc of restaurant reviews.

Eat Snap Repeat is a contemporary looking designed blog hosted by two young guys, Eddie and Daniel, “techies living in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. We spend a lot of our time writing software – blogging is a nice escape for us.”

Read their about page – to learn what their previous blog name was and how they got started: inspired by bad work cafeteria food… It happens!


Eat Snap Repeat

Eat Snap Repeat


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