#16 – Follow Me Foodie…


Follow Me Foodie

Follow Me Foodie


Mijune Pak is host of Follow Me Foodie, a fantastic local food blog and restaurant guide for Vancouver.  Her blog has grown beyond her original site and is now its own website – which is not something all bloggers achieve – great to see in Vancouver!

As one of her followers on Twitter, Mijune is an avid-foodie-tweeter (@followmefoodie), sharing fun updates life.  Her blog includes reviews of restaurants and even grades them on a scale, which is handy; along with her convenient navigation bar – listing top tens and best of.  Her photography is fun too!

FollowMeFoodie is certainly a blog to follow, organized and current with local food happenings… Love it!

2 thoughts on “#16 – Follow Me Foodie…

  1. Mijune says:

    Hi Jeanette! Oh wow! I am so surprised to find this article and thank you so much for writing it and starting this unique blog. I’m so honoured to be featured on it and thank you for your incredible support. People like you is what keeps me going and I couldn’t do it without your incredible support. Thank you for shining such a light on food bloggers in Vancouver. I can speak on behalf of all food bloggers when I say thank you!!


    • Jeanette says:

      Such kind words – thank you! I am so passionate about the food scene here and wanted to share it in a unique way. It’s the people in the industry who make it what it is; Vancouver’s food scene, as you know, has so much to offer.

      I love your blog – so thank you!!

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