Lesley beStowes us with a new cookie

Lesley Stowe has recently expanded her product line to bring us an all-natural cookie: Raincoast Cookies.

Famous for her Raincoast Crisps, which you’ve likely tried several times: perhaps at a brunch, or as part of a cheese plate, where you returns for seconds and even thirds! Her crisps sell for around $7 a box, but I am still a fan!

I recently tried her new cookie line, and have to say, they don’t quite measure up to the crisp. But they were decent. I think its the texture for me, when I am looking for a cookie I prefer the crunchy-chewy, over a more chewy-cakey cookie – which is how these tasted to me.

Two of Lesley Stowe's new Raincoast cookie flavours

Two of Lesley Stowe's new Raincoast cookie flavours: (L) dark chocolate, tart cherry and pecan (R) Apricot, ginger and slivered almond

The cookies come in three varieties and certainly are better than your average grocery cookie product. Let me breakdown the pros and cons for you:

I always look at the ingredients list when trying a new treat. Raincoast Cookies’ ingredients are natural and simple, which is nice to see. They are baked in small batches and Lesley says they “are made with the finest ingredients,” which is true to her product line in general.

The packaging is a bit excessive really considering it is a single cookie packaged to-go. I couldn’t help think of the English Bay cookie packaging, you see in vending machines, or on BC Ferries; I would likely opt for a Raincoast Cookie because they are a healthier selection.

Each of the three flavour combinations are paired well: dark chocolate, tart cherry and pecan; apricot, ginger and slivered almond;  or dried cranberry and toasted hazelnut.  The latter is my preferred of the three flavours.

Raincoast Cookie packaging

Raincoast Cookie packaging

When you tear open the package, the cookie feels a bit sticky to touch and is more on the chewy, than crunchy. They cookies are higher in fibre and protein, and thus a bit better for you than other cookie options you might find in the same fine food retailers around B.C. – where you can find the new Raincoast Cookies. When I shared them with some colleagues and friends, most said they liked them: two of the eight people I shared them with were not fans.  I recommend at least trying the Raincoast Cookies for yourself though.

While this new cookie line is exciting for Lesley, I think I’ll stick to the infamous Raincoast crisps – tried, tested, and true.

Raincoast Cookie texture

Raincoast Cookie texture

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