The Power of Food and Organic Lives Cafe

I had the most amazing morning on Sunday. First, it was a gorgeous day, that began with a run on the seawall in the crisp fall air. Then I had breakfast at Organic Lives Cafe in Vancouver, off of 2nd. It was AMAZING: the best smoothie I have ever drank, followed by the most amazing cinnamon toast… Just see for yourself:

The Strawberry Blonde smoothie: to die for!

The Strawberry Blonde smoothie: it was smooth, the perfect thickness and filled with goodness of strawberries, bananas, and coconut milk... Just to die for!

Top: sinfully healthy fruit crepe; and bottom: the heavenly cinnamon toast

Top: sinfully healthy fruit crepe; and bottom: the heavenly cinnamon toast

I cannot wait to return for more amazing, healthy, heavenly food from Organic Lives. You simply must go, that’s all I have to say.

After my breakfast, I experienced a chocolate cooking class instructed by the awesome Adam Hart (@PowerofFood). We basically ate chocolate for two hours  and I’ve never felt more healthy or energized in my life. I learned all about the benefits of raw cocoa and now I’m equipped with some smart snacking chocolate recipes to satisfy my frequent chocolate-sweet cravings.  We even made natural chocolate bars:

Adam Hart's homemade healthy chocolate brittle

Adam Hart's homemade healthy chocolate brittle

In September, I attended Adam Heart’s Achieving Vibrant Health workshop and have been following him ever since, via his website and cookbook. He is an inspiration for, literally, achieving vibrant health. I recommend everything his website, events, cookbook, and all of his recipes.

FREE PASS GIVEAWAY: So that you can experience what I am talking about, I have an extra pass that I would like to giveaway (for you plus one) to attend one of Adam’s upcoming workshops. Simply tell me about your Organic Lives cafe experience by commenting on this post; then I will draw one winner (on Nov 20th) to send a pass to Adam’s next Achieving Vibrant Health workshop on December 4, 2011, in downtown Vancouver.

Healthy eating!

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