Organize your spices!

Super spice organization!

Super spice organization!

So, I’ll confess, I’m big on organization. I love it when my kitchen is tidy and in order and everything is put away where it belongs. But it’s sort of my haven, I love being in my kitchen and getting into the rhythm of baking or cooking or whatever the my day’s menu brings…

I’ve gone through different ways of keeping my spices in order too, from small cylinder jars to bags of plastic bags or spices to spice racks with pre-determined labels… etc, etc, etc. And they all work to a certain point.

However, I’ve recently found my perfect system – complete with labels. I bought myself a bunch of 1/2 cup / 125 ml mason jars. You can buy them at most large grocery stores, and places like Wal-Mart, etc. Then I filled each one with my spices and stacked them like here. Originally I wrote the spice name on the lid of the jar, but that wasn’t the most efficient for obvious reasons.

Then I discovered Mabels Labels. A friend of mine recommended them to me, she happens to also be a Mom, and said they were great labels for his kids stuff. I thought they were so cool! Then I discovered they sell spice labels and other household labels too.  A simple online order and then they arrive in the mail – voila, kitchen organization HEAVEN!

Mabels Labels

Mabels Labels

They also sell kids name tag labels for a variety of uses – this is their main business – but they are highly durable labels, and a Canadian company too!

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