Kitchen gadgets and organizey things

Well here’s a look inside my kitchen drawers, to see a few of my top used gadgets and gizmos in the kitchen.

If you don’t have some of these, I recommend you do – they are handy to have around.

The red tube thing, is a garlic peeler. Buy one. Pop the clove of garlic in, roll it, and out comes your garlic without the peel. Easy and your hands smell garlic-free.

Elastics and folder clips, I keep them around for all the bags of things I use to keep them sealed. No special packaging seals here, I just save my produce elastics for reuse. Reduce reuse and recycle! The other image is of my tea spoon, used for loose leaf tea. Makes the perfect cup every time and I don’t need to fuss with tea bags. If you hate cleaning them out, when the leaves are all wet, I just let it sit overnight and the leaves dry up (then they fall out easily for easy clean up).

Handy stuff I tell you!


Here’s a few more:

The egg slicer, is just priceless to have around for salads and such, pictured below (right). They run for a couple bucks at Ikea or even dollar stores. You can slice your mushrooms in them too… Bet you didn’t know that?!

Mini jars and containers, top left, are from MEC: they hold about a spoonful of spice, or sugar, or oatmeal toppings, or other dried goods you only need a sprinkle of. The lids snap on and off, easy peasy.

Bottom left, are mini jam and honey jars I’ve reused from hotels, events, or other brunch experiences. They are great for my packed lunches, to carry salad dressing, BBQ sauce, ketchup, etc… Or for you mayo lovers out there, these mini jars can carry your whipped goodness. I save them, wash and reuse – and store in my cutlery drawer.


What are your favorite kitchen gadgets? Share! I love new handy gadgets!

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