Friday Fur Elise: a patisserie in Vancouver

Macarons by Fur Elise Patisserie

Macarons by Fur Elise Patisserie

I recently stumbled upon the perfect patisserie in downtown Vancouver the other night. I was walking home from work, through downtown along Hamilton Street (847 Hamilton St.) and discovered Fur Elise Patisserie. The window display is what first caught my eye, in front of the heritage home, and at first I thought it was a wedding store actually based on the window display. It was also a dark winter night, so until I walked up to the entrance I didn’t realize I was about to enjoy some tasty macarons.

The patisserie and tea house is in a two-story house, with a shop front on the main level that sells a la carte items, and their tea room is upstairs. The tea room can host up to 30 people, and would make for a nice bridal shower venue, or simply to enjoy a nice afternoon tea with friends.

That particular friday I walked by was not a good day for me, but after discovering this patisserie I was all smiles. I just LOVED being inside their shop. Their pink boxes, decadent dessert display, and pleasant staff made my day. I bought some macarons to take home and enjoy, pictured above–they didn’t last long once I arrived home!

Here are some more photos of my visit to Fur Elise, I recommend visiting them if you’re in the area. They specialize in smaller sized desserts, individual portions, and also do wedding favours, but make small to medium sized cakes too for various smaller occasions. They make all their desserts in house too. Their Facebook page has more photos here. They also have savoury items to pair with the tea service, I’ll have to return and try it out.

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