Let the career switch-up begin!

This is my last week of work in an office for who knows how long… After working in the field of communications since I graduated university, I am now embarking on a journey I have wanted to do since the beginning of time, it seems. I will be attending the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver beginning at the end of this month, for a full-time intensive four month program all about baking / bread and pastry.

It is exciting and thrilling for me, and sometimes scary too when I realize it is going to be completely different than what I am used to. From high heels to clogs, from business clothes to a chef jacket and uniform, for example. ….actually, who am I kidding, that sounds great! Though, I still have find shoes before school starts. Stay tuned for that adventure in another post.

But first, I am going to enjoy the next two weeks off and charge myself up for school to begin at the end of the month. I can’t believe it is now days away!

I timed it well to have my new contact cards arrived this week too, helping mark this transition time. Can’t wait to give these babies away! Thanks to my designer friend Maia Rowan for the fabulous design.


Today was also my last day in the office with the full team, so they surprised me with beautiful flowers and a farewell card. It was lovely, and they smell as beautiful as they look. You know who you are, thank you!


On my way home yesterday from work, I had this wave of excitement come over me. I felt like I was 17 again, leaving for university to start school in Vancouver with a world of opportunity ahead of me….again!

Many people have been asking me what I will do after school and the answer is that I don’t know yet. I have some ideas of where I would like to work, but I am first going to focus on school and see what I learn. I am sure I will be better at some things than others, and that is what I am excited about right now. I have never make a croissant from scratch before and can’t wait to learn how the pros do it!

One day of work left, the friday of all office-fridays. Awesome.

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