The Night Before Pastry School

Shoes, back pack, textbook, ready to roll! Pastry school here I come!

Shoes, back pack, textbook, ready to roll! Pastry school here I come!

My bag is packed and my lunch is ready! I’m supposed to check in tomorrow morning at 8am to receive my toolkit and uniform, before class starts at 9am. I am looking forward to receiving my chef jacket most, as my name will be on it! This will be what we wear everyday for the program. We have to bring a calculator, notebook, pen, ruler, and lock (for our locker).

We also have to bring our own shoes – black, non-slip, no-scuff. I found mine the other week after searching several stores and trying on many pairs of shoes (looking for the right fit and comfort). I am pleased to share that Birkenstocks won, found at The Right Shoe in Vancouver. I can’t wait to break these puppies in!

Many people have been asking what I will learn while in school, and so far this is the course outline I have (scroll to page two for my program). It is simply the best course outline I’ve ever read in my life. Hard to believe I’m going to school to learn these things, it’s surreal…

Others have been graciously offering to be a taste-tester throughout my coursework and new career path. With so many offers, I am not sure how best to accommodate you all, to be honest. So, if you are reading this post and want to be on a taste-tester list, please like this post and I’ll see what I can do.

I will also use my Instagram account more for updates: you can follow me @jileblanc.

Ok, time to sign-off, early start tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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