Knife Skills 101 with Chef Kelly Schoultz


A few months ago some friends and I realized we shared an interest in gaining better knife skills in the kitchen. Another friend is a trained chef, Kelly Schoultz, and offered to lead a knife skills class for us based out of one friend’s home. The class was arranged over this past weekend, one day. It was a fun and educational event with friends, learning to chop vegetables and fruit more efficiently than ever before – knife skills 101.

Kelly is a true whiz in the kitchen! She is full of energy, super friendly and a great teacher. We were all impressed with her speed and precision.

We were instructed to bring our own knives from our kitchens, a cutting board, and some containers to bring food home in. She provided a handout too with information about basic knife skills.


The session was organized to show us how to chop different vegetables using different techniques, then Kelly prepared meals for us with the prepped veggies. While she was cooking, we chopped various fruits using the same techniques and decorated our own fruit tarts.

We left with a lot of food for each of us, which was included in the price of the class. Kelly made chicken vegetable soup and red thai curry chicken using the prepped produce.

She has been cooking for a number of years and has her Red Seal Chef Certification too. She enjoys helping people eat healthily at home, so if you need someone to help you with meal prep on those busy weeks, or whenever, she offers a wide range of services custom to your house’s food needs. Read more on her website.

I highly recommend her, and her pricing is affordable.

Here are a few photos of some of the things we prepared, including a fruit tart – which we each took home.





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