Fun with Fats at Olives on Tap

While working through this elimination diet for another week, fats have truly become my friend. From nuts to nut butters, to oils of different kinds. There are so many good healthy fats available to enjoy, rounding out the nutrition of any meal. I enjoy a good olive oil – especially ones fused with flavours.

Eating without dairy means no butter on popcorn for a snack. But fortunately I’ve found an awesome replacement at OLIVES ON TAP, in North Vancouver: Butter Olive Oil. I know what you may be thinking, “why would you infuse oil with another fat?”. Well first, it is actually a vegan olive oil. Apparently the supplier has a magical potion of plant extracts that simulate the butter flavour. Bingo, it’s like butter. It is actually easier to use than real butter because there is no melting and heating, you just drizzle to your hearts content. Sweet goodness of butter olive oil. Then sprinkle on your favourite salt to taste. A nice healthy snack.

Other oils at this location include brilliant classic olive oils, but many others that pair with their wide selection of vinegars – for salads and bread dipping, etc. Like strawberry balsamic and basil olive oil? Or how about blood orange olive oil and maybe a fig balsamic? To die for combinations that will pump your salad up to a new level.

They also have nice gift packs, with a selection of three pairings of oil and vinegar. I bought a few at christmas and they were received well.  A fun way to test out the varieties before committing to a full bottle.
But when you do commit to a full bottle, and you become addicted, well they have a refill program. Just clean out your bottle, dry it completely, then bring it in to refill. After 10 refills you get a free one.

I’ve returned a few times now and each time find their staff super nice and educated about all the products – they answered all my questions and made great recommendations. They host events their too. Check out their site for more details.

If you’re going to visit this weekend, here are their Easter hours:

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